Thursday, October 30, 2008

ēcolav announces price reductions

Promotion Aims to Help Miami Business Community

It’s no secret we’re all feeling the pinch of the softening economy. Between housing prices, 401(k) balances and Wall Street volatility, the only certainty these days seems to be uncertainty. So in an effort to offer some relief to our friends and neighbors here in the Miami business community, ēcolav announces a 25% price reduction on dry cleaning services for men’s and women’s business garments every Wednesday and Thursday. This discount applies to all men’s and women’s suits, men’s business shirts and women’s non-silk blouses.

ēcolav hopes these new prices make life a little easier for all working professionals here in Miami. And don’t forget the environmental extras that make the ēcolav experience so unique: environmentally-safe solutions, bamboo hangers, biodegradable bags and the one-of-a-kind ēcolav store filled with organic products to support healthy lifestyles.

Call us today for free pick-up and delivery: (305) 381-4446.